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For more than 25 years we have been providing awe-inspiring tours to this magnificent country with our preeminent staff.  Enjoy the trip of a lifetime, experience the majesty of Egypt, and relax with a tour that is perfect for you.
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pre-packaged tours

Be overwhelmed by the majesty of Egypt’s monuments, not the stress of trip planning.

Explore Egypt with one of Museum Tours’ 5 Prepackaged Small Group Tours. (and 5 add-ons). Our experienced team has created what we believe are the best prepackaged tours available today.  

We focus on the history and culture of Ancient Egypt. And we take care of everything, so you can feel your worries fall away as you travel back through time with Museum Tours’ expert guides and managers.
We also have 5 standard in-Egypt extensions (plus Petra, Jordan) available for each of our tours.  

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Karnak Temple
Custom tours

Not into pre-packaged tours?  Marching to your own beat won’t cost an arm and leg with Museum Tours.

Want to see something off the beaten path, or are you part of a special interest group? We can help you create a personalized, custom tour that exactly fits your needs.

A trip to Egypt is often a once in a lifetime experience, but if a cookie cutter tour does not fit your group’s interests it could be a big disappointment.  

With over 25 years experience creating custom trips for individuals, small groups, and organizations, you can trust Museum Tours to help create the trip of a lifetime for you or your group.

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Specials, news, and one-time-only trips.

Sometimes we make our great prices even better. Check below for any current deals.

31st Egyptian Marathon - & Tour

Luxor hosts the oldest ongoing marathon in Africa and the Middle East (and it's accredited by Abbot World Marathon Majors)

Join Museum Tours as we celebrate our first year as the exclusive US representative for the Egyptian Marathon!! We'll be offering an 8-day tour for this event. If you are interested in running in the Egyptian Marathon in Luxor, Egypt on January 12, 2024, contact us to reserve your spot on one of our tours.

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Camel in from of a pyramid

Pharaonic Journey for Ladies only

This season we’ve set aside one date for women traveling without men. Jan 8-19, bring your best girlfriend or make some new friends. Spend 12 days seeing the major sights of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, plus a Nile cruise. Starting at $3,528 per person, don’t miss out on the fun! Reserve your spot today!

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Solar Eclipse with Aten hands extending downward from Sun

Three Egypt tours specifically designed around the 2027 solar eclipse.

Museum Tours presents three options for this once in a lifetime event:
Pre-eclipse Tour. 8-days. Jul 28 - Aug 4, 2027.
Post-eclipse Tour. 8-days. Jul 31 - Aug 7, 2027.
Eclipse-only. 4 days. July 31- Aug 3, 2027.
There is a 12 person maximum per group. So book early to guarantee your spot.

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