Museum Tours Accommodations

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Museum Tours offers you six (6) Accommodation Options with most of our tours. Rooms on the Nile Cruise, the Lake Nasser Cruise and our extensions are generally pre-set, and may not be affected by the Accommodation Option.

Note: Because we offer so many Tours and Accommodation Options it is not possible for us to reserve blocks of rooms in advance. All accommodations shown are based upon availability at the time of booking.

Accommodation Options

(The actual hotels used may change based on the availability at the time you make your reservation. In this case you will be notified.)

  • Local
    When you select Local Accommodations you will be assured of a nice, clean room with breakfast in Giza, Luxor, Aswan, and Cairo. Your room may be in a local non-rated hotel or at a local Bed and Breakfast establishment.
  • Value
    Giza - Steigenberger Pyramids
    Luxor - Iberotel
    Aswan - Basma Hotel
    Cairo - Steigenberger El Tahrir
  • Standard
    Giza - Steigenberger Pyramids, Pyramid view or Movenpick Resort Media City
    Luxor - Winter Pavillon, or Steigenberger Nile Palace
    Aswan - Movenpick Resort
    Cairo - Rameses Hilton or Steigenberger El Tahrir, Jr suite
  • Premium
    Giza - Mena House, Garden view
    Luxor - Winter Palace, Classic room, Garden view
    Aswan - Cataract Hotel, Luxury Garden view
    Cairo - Nile Ritz Carlton, City view
  • Deluxe  *
    Giza - Mena House, Garden, Pyramid view
    Luxor - Winter Palace, Superior room, Nile view
    Aswan - Cataract Hotel, Prestige Garden view or Cataract, Nile Wing, Luxury Nile view.
    Cairo - Nile Ritz Carlton, Nile view.
  • Luxury  *, **
    Giza - Mena House, Garden Suite, Pyramid view
    Luxor - Winter Palace, Jr Suite, Nile view
    Aswan - Cataract Hotel, Cataract Suite, Nile view
    Cairo - Nile Ritz Carlton, Exec Suite, Nile view
  • *  Includes Business Class air travel within Egypt (when available)
    Includes Private Limo service throughout your tour.
  • Hotels We Patronize (Click on Hotel Name for more information.)
  • Steigenberger PyramidsLocated near the Pyramids of Giza and the Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • Movenpick Resort Media CityLocated about a 15 minute drive from the Pyramids of Giza and the Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • Mena House - Giza (Marriott)Built as a royal hunting lodge near the base of the pyramids in 1869, it was converted into a luxury hotel in 1885. The recently renovated, garden wing was added in the 1960s. The Palace wing is currently under renovation with completion scheduled for late 2020. Operated by Marriott.
  • Iberotel - LuxorLocated on the Nile, a short walk from Luxor Temple.
  • Winter Palace - Luxor (Accor) Winter PavillonA historic British colonial-era, luxury hotel built in 1907, this is where Howard Carter posted the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922. The Pavillon was added in the 1990s.
  • Basma Hotel - AswanGreat location, overlooking the cataract, and just a brief walk from the Nubia Museum.
  • Movenpick Resort - AswanLocated on Elephantine Island, it is a calm retreat from the city sights and sounds.
  • Cataract Hotel - Aswan (Accor)This historic British colonial-era, luxury hotel was built in 1899 and is renowned as a favorite of Agatha Christy. The Nile Wing, a separate building on property, was recently renovated.
  • Steigenberger El Tahrir - CairoLocated in the heart of Cairo, across the street from the Egyptian Museum.
  • Rameses Hilton - CairoLocated in the heart of Cairo, close to Tahrir Square, the Egyptian Museum and downtown Cairo.
  • Nile Ritz Carlton - CairoA luxury hotel in the heart of Cairo, the Nile Hilton opened in 1958 to great fanfare. It closed in 2009, and after several years of renovation, it reopened under its new banner
View of the Pyramids of Giza rom the Mena House hotel
View of the Pyramids of Giza from the Steigenberger Pyramids hotel
Winter Palace Hotel
View from the Old Cataract Hotel
Room in the Ramses Hilton
View from the Nile Ritz Carlton