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Making a reservation is quick, easy and does not put you, or Museum Tours, under any obligation. Upon receipt of your Reservation Form we will send a confirmation and instructions for making your deposit. Our Terms and Conditions apply only after you make, and we confirm receipt of, your tour deposit.

This Reservation form may be used for all Package Tours except Sailing the Nile.
For Sailing the Nile, Build-Your-Own Trip or Concierge Travel, click on the desired option.

One reservation form is required for each party that is to be billed separately.

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Packaged Tours - Select the desired tour.
      Pharaonic Highlights - 8 days. Fast pace tour, includes the main sites in Cairo and Luxor.
      Pharaonic Journey - 12 days. Pharaonic Highlights at a more leisurely pace, plus Aswan and a Nile Cruise.
      Egyptian Odyssey - 15 days. Our most popular tour. Includes a Nile Cruise.
      Egypt Revisited - 15 days. For returning visitors. Includes a Lake Nasser Cruise.
      Egypt's Hidden Treasures - 15 days. Inlcudes many sites not visited by most tourists.
      Hieroglyphic Egypt - 15 days. A great way to learn the fundamentals of Hieroglyphs.


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Meal Plans - Select one of three meal plans.
      B & B - Our lowest priced option. You get a full breakfast every morning.
      Half Board - Our best value. You receive breakfast and one other meal each day.
      Full Board - Our full service option. You are provided three meals each day.

Accommodations Options - Select one of four accommodation options.
      Local - Our lowest priced option, uses unrated, but nice and clean accommodations.
      Value - An good option for the cost conscious, uses 4-star hotels throughout.
      Standard - This is our best value, with high-end 4-star and 5-star hotels throughout.
      Premium - A great experience, with more historic 5-star hotels and better views.
      Deluxe - An even better experience, includes fantastic accommodations and views.
      Royal - The best experience we offer, includes private limo service and Business Class air.

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For Pharaonic Highlights and Hieroglyphic Egypt only ...
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Check any extensions you would like to add (extensions can be done later if desired).
      The Royal City of Amarna
      Historic Alexandria
      The Sinai & St. Catherine's Monastery
      Sharm el Sheik & the Red Sea
      Baharia Oasis & the Golden Mummies
      Timeless Jordan & the Rose Red City of Petra

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