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A few emails from our customers. (Some content has been edited for length and/or clarity.)
Dear Bill, Nancy and "My Boys",
     A thousand thank yous could not possibly express my gratitude for our wonderful trip to Egypt! The incredible sites , accommodations, special admissions were well, incredible!! The knowledge of our guide Aboudy, with the addition of Bill’s information, made the trip a fabulous learning experience! All the Pyramids, Temples, and Tombs were unbelievable. I still can’t believe the paintings are 3000 years old!
     Each and every place was my favorite! One site that was a special treat for me was on Lake Nasser were we went ashore to see 3 temples. They looked like 3 small unappealing mud huts but I had faith and each inside was such a surprise - covered with paintings!
     It would take many pages to list the memories from this trip. Each memory from the starkness and beauty of Dashur, to the special time between the paws of the Sphinx, to my not so successful camel ride will be unforgettable!
     All that being said, what made the trip work were the people! Aboudy, Osama, Khaled , Mamdouh, Mohamed who made everything run smoothly. They were always there with a helping hand, whether it was for those in the group who needed wheel chair assistance or anticipating what we needed before we knew we needed it.
     They truly believe in”One Team, One Dream”!
     I think a special note was must be made of the contrast between the sites, major cities and the country side. The trash in the neighbors, the road sides and the canals was very sad! How could such an advanced civilization become a third world country!!?? I hope there is a better future for the Egyptian people in times to come!!
     I am so glad I chose Museum Tours!!
     Happy Life to All of You!!
     L.S., Massachusetts

Dear Bill,
     It's taken us awhile to get readjusted to real life- we can't stop looking at pictures, and talking about our experiences in Egypt.
     You and Nancy, and Museum Tours did an absolutely fabulous job of planning and executing our visit. Your whole team was way above the "run of the mill" tour guides and assistants. Everyone was a GEM- so helpful, knowledgeable, good-humored, punctual, and companionable.
     We really appreciated the thoughtful planning you did, and the many times we were able to view the sites unencumbered by a crush of other tourists. One of the biggest thrills for me was being able to access the Sphinx Complex with just our group. Another thrill was seeing the tomb of Ahmose, with YOU, our expert, reading the hieroglyphs on the walls. Being on our own with King Tut, and climbing in the tombs of Thutmose III, Seti I and others, was unforgettable.
     Yes, I would certainly recommend Museum Tours to everybody! If we ever have an inkling to return, we will certainly call you! Now maybe they are expecting to find Nefertiti's tomb next to King Tut's?? ... I may have to return.
     Thank you so much for giving us the experience of a lifetime.
     M.M., Maine

Thanks, Bill.
     It was a great trip. No negative comments at all. Five star rating.
     M.M., Arizona

02/16/20 Thanks Bill!
     We had an amazing experience in Egypt. Everyone had nothing but good things to say about their time in Cairo and Luxor. We are, at least at this point, going to attempt another trip in 2021, so we will keep in touch about the details as they develop. Hope the rest of your tours are going well!
     K. J., Indiana

The pleasure was mine Bill.
     Such a wonderful treat.
     M. H., Massachusettes
     Hugs to Nancy.

Bill and Nancy,
     I wanted you to know I had an excellent time in Egypt. All my guides knew the sites and the cities. I also enjoyed meeting both of you and spending time with you. I have told anyone who will listen that they really should go to Egypt and Museum Tours is the way to go. I don't know if I will ever get the chance to return, but if I do, Museum Tours will be my first call.
     Thank you again,
     T. W., Kentucky

Bill and Nancy,
     Thank you for making this trip so meaningful for me. Your help at Philae was especially appreciated.
     Safe Travels,
     J.S., Colorado

Hi Bill,
     Wonderful trip. Guides, drivers, all the staff were incredible.
     Exceeded expectations.
     Best regards,
     M. D., Pennsylvania

     Bad first. Tipping drove me crazy (Bill's note: We agree and have decided that beginning on January 1, 2021, tips will be included in the tour price.).
     My tour was totally wonderful. I am still a zombie from jet lag but continue to smile broadly even when no one is around.
     My guides and Osama were very solicitous of my Diet Coke habit.
     The hot-air balloon ride was almost an afterthought on my part. It was great and a highlight of my trip both for the views and the experience. I am very acrophobic but the balloon didn't bother me at all. I would recommend this to others.
     I enjoyed the Nile cruise and almost didn't want to get off the boat to see the temples. A cruise up the Nile is just so totally relaxing.
     Osama's sub-minions did a good job of getting me off my planes, into the van and then back on my planes. It was such a relief to land in Cairo, come down the ramp and find a person holding a sign with my name on it. Osama is a fine young man and took good care of me.
     I cannot say enough good about my guides! I do not care for the current trendy word "curated," but my days with them were curated perfectly to my desires and abilities.
     Enass was a great guide and a lot of fun. We talked about everything from ancient Egypt and Egyptologists to nutrition. Enass did a great job guiding and even managed to get my tired fanny up the steps at Beni Hasin for which I am very grateful.
     Mamdouh is a consummate professional. Besides guiding the sites he took wonderful care of me and anticipated my needs before I did. He seems to know everyone south of Cairo. He also selected and arranged my itinerary to make the best use of my time visiting those sites I could access and the ones with the most spectacular art. Mamdouh was also a font of the small bills which grease the skids of Egyptian tourism. I was very grateful.
     I had a great time and will certainly recommend Museum-Tours to anyone I know who might be interested or not. Thanks to both you and your folks on the ground in Egypt. Once again an experience I will always remember.
     Egypt tells me you are returning in January. I hope you and your wife have a wonderful time, inshallah. Bon Voyage!
     K. M., Utah

Dear Bill,
     We are home, de-jetlagged, stuffed with turkey and enjoying the memories of our great trip. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone interested in going to Egypt!!
     As you know I was nervous about security but never once had any concern once we were there. Everything worked like clockwork from the moment we stepped off the plane in Cairo to getting back on the plane to come home. The staff on the ground was great. We really appreciated Osama and his punctuality and attention to every detail. Our guides were very good and also paid attention to our needs, including my day of travelers illness and Terry's bronchitis, and all of the drivers were as nice as they could be!
     The hotels were all great as was the ship. Food was generally very good as well. The breakfasts at the Movenpick and Mena were amazing !!!
     I also appreciated the tombs we went to!!! What a joy to have been in Seti and Neferetiri''s tombs alone without the crowds!! Definitely first class!!
     The trip was very memorable and we're 100% pleased that we chose Museum Tours over other trips we had considered.
     Keep up the great work!!
     B.G., Ohio

Hi Bill,
     We are finally back in the US. Again thanks again for taking such good care of us on the trip. I keep flashing back to our amazing crew on the dahabaya, the first view of the pyramids and Tariq getting so excited about the things he was showing us! Climbing inside the oldest pyramids was definitely an adventure.
     I believe we owe you some money for our last awesome day! Please let me know the final amount and the best way to pay you. Sorry for the inconvenience but I think we had a little communication problem about all of that!
     Thanks again
     G. M., Colorado

Thanks Bill,
     We all really enjoyed the trip. I also wanted to say how helpful Osama was. He helped make the trip extra fun.
     C. M., Colorado

Hello Bill,
     We returned from our trip to Egypt yesterday, and we both had a wonderful time. Everything worked out really well. Of course the sights were amazing, and I certainly never get tired of seeing the pyramids or Abu Simbel. We were especially happy to get in to see the magnificent tombs of Seti I and Nefertari.
     Both of our guides did a great job. Ahmed was a pleasure to be with. He showed us around and explained well, and gave us enough free time to explore on our own. Mamdouh was very knowledgeable, and was sure to show us everything in many out of the way places. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the history of Egypt and the archaeological sites. Both of the guides took very good care of us, and they were sure to have our needs met.
      E. F., New Jersey

Dear Bill,
     I am very excited to have had such a good trip with Mamdouh and Museum Tours. I and my family all appreciate the trip planning and Mamdouh's kind help.
     I have put a lot of pictures in my wechat and shared with my friends. They all look forward to seeing Mamdouh and hope to travel to Egypt with Museum tour.
     I will write an article about this trip (the sailing trip was the most important part) and I shall share the website of your company with all my friends.
     Keep in touch!
     Y.H., Shanghai

Hello Bill,
     We had a wonderful time in Egypt, all the staff with Museum Tours are sensational! Thank you for your response. It is so honorable and generous of you to offer a refund of the difference (Bill's note: They had experienced a misunderstanding about a charge in a local store.). We have only good memories of Egypt and Museum Tours.
     We appreciate your kindness and generosity, we are fine, there is no need to refund our credit card.
     Thank you so much Bill :)
     Warm regards,
     Z.S., Oklahoma

Dear Bill,
     It's really been amazing to be back in Egypt.
     Many thanks, again, and all the best,
     L. C., TEnnessee

Dear Bill,
     Just wanted to let you know we had an unbelievably excellent time in Egypt. Everything was as perfect as we could have hoped, and everyone connected to Museum Tours treated us like royalty. The two guides, Radwa and Atef, paid close attention to our desires and gave us everything we wanted, from arranging a camel ride at the pyramid to allowing us (me, mostly) to sit and rest for a few minutes when I needed to. (Part of that, of course, was possible because it was essentially a private tour just for us.) And Anton, our initial and final contact at Cairo Airport, was a miracle worker. Everywhere there was a line, he knew the right words and people to say them to, and we found ourselves getting VIP treatment. So we thank you for finding all those excellent people, and we thank them for the wonderful experiences they provided.
     We did notice a few things we thought could have been done slightly better, and want to suggest them to you as constructive ideas.
     In Luxor, Atef made sure the van always had a small ice chest stocked with water bottles. It would have been nice to have had that in Cairo as well (Bill's note: Done, we now have water available in all vans.).
     The second day in Cairo we went to the Citadel and its mosque, then to Old Cairo, and THEN to the Egyptian Museum. I’d suggest the Museum be put first on the day's agenda, with the Citadel and Old Cairo to follow.
     The Travel Tips might include a reminder that long airplane rides can lead to getting a cold from other passengers, so decongestant and sore throat lozenges are useful to pack. Also hand sanitizer.
     The Travel Tips also mentioned that "even if your device can plug into 220 volts, you'll still need an adapter to fit the sockets." Well, I for one was not aware that many devices made today can accept either 110 or 220 volts. A little note about that would have been helpful, so I could research my devices before leaving.
     Please believe that my gushing ecstatic praise of the experience you gave us is absolutely heartfelt. I just wanted to share some thoughts that crossed our minds.
     I ended up with a small amount of currency. May I send it to you? I have no need for it and would like to see it go somewhere where it would be used.
     Thanks for everything. Shuk-run gazeelan!!
      D. O., California

Dear Bill,
     Thanks again for a wonderful 2weeks. I never imagined that I could learn so much while having such a good time. Congenial companions , intellectual stimulation & good food. A perfect trip.
     If you offer it again, count me in. I agree with something Gerry said on our last Friday: we should have the weekend off, followed by another week of study. What do think of a 3 week. Hieroglyphs course?
     Thanks again for making it all go so smoothly.
     C.O., West Virginia