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We have been providing tours to Egypt for travel enthusiasts since 1995.

Museum Tours, Inc. is a Colorado Corporation in Good Standing and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Over the years we have worked with a number of Museums and other organizations in providing tours to Egypt, including:

Beginning in 2012 we began changing our focus away from large organizations and toward individuals and small, independent group travel.

You can expect the following benefits from traveling with Museum Tours:

All members of the Museum Tours family are college graduates and speak excellent English. Our guides are licensed by the Egyptian Government, have extensive knowledge of Egyptian History, and look forward to sharing their country with you.

About Our Founder
Our president, Dr. Bill Petty, is a graduate of West Point and holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Illinois. Over his long career he has been an army officer, an educator, an engineer, a business manager, an entrepreneur, and an avocational Egyptologist.

Bill is a past president of the Egyptian Study Society and of The Amarna Research Foundation, and is a member of the American Research Center in Egypt . He has presented many lectures on Egypt travel and history, and has written a number of articles for "Kmt (a Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt) . He has also written a number of books, all of which are available on Amazon in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, as well as in bookstores throughout Egypt.

In early 2002, Bill was interviewed by Julie Chen of CBS News about the effects of 9/11 on tourism in Egypt.

In a lighter vein, Bill was featured in a news broadcast on Denver's Channel 2 the following year.

The Musuem Tours Story
In 1990 Bill, his wife and their daughter traveled to Egypt for the first time, using a well known tour operator. They enjoyed the trip but there were several things that definitely needed improvement. They decided that they could do better.

First, upon their arrival they were on their own. They had to find a taxi and get themselves to the hotel.

The second thing they noticed was that the tour was made up of people who had scheduled trips at different times. Because of the low numbers on their scheduled tours they were all grouped together on this one trip.

Third, for someone interested in Egyptology, way too much time was devoted to shopping. Even the guides complained that they were required to take tourists to the shops ( which paid the tour company a commission on sales).

Fourth, even though the guides were knowledgable their English was not really that great and their personalities could have been better.

Fifth, the meals were boring. They were all either buffets or preplanned.

Thus Museum Tours was born in 1995, when Dr. Petty started his own tour company to correct those deficiencies (He did a test trip with several friends in 1994).

No matter when customers arrive we will be there to greet them, assist with passport control and customs, and drive them to the hotel.

From our founding it has been company policy that once a customer receives a confirmation Museum Tours will not cancel the tour (except for safety reasons).

There will be no extended shopping during the time that should be devoted to sight-seeing (and we never accept commissions from stores). There is, however, plenty of time to shop during free time and in the evenings.

There are a minimum of preset meals. To the extent possible customers are allowed to order off restaurants' menus.

Only the best guides are selected to work for Museum Tours (they must be college graduates, speak great English and have wonderful personalities). Several have been with us for over 20 years.

More than just a tour operator, over the years we have provided financial support for a number of Egyptological activities, including the following:

Egyptian Exhibit - Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Theban Mapping Project and KV 5 - AUC - Kent Weeks, director
Animal Mummy Project - AUC - Salima Ikram, director
Amenhotep III Temple excavation - SCA - Rainer Stadelman, director
Amarna Research Foundation - Barry Kemp, director
Support for The Ostracon - ESS publication
Amenmessa Project and KV 63 - SCA - Otto Schaden, director
Amarna Royal Tombs Project (Valley of the Kings)- University of Durham - Nicholas Reeves, director
Chicago House - University of Chicago - Ray Johnson, director
Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project - University of Memphis, Peter Brand, director
Dra Abu el Naga excavations - UCLA and German Institute - Daniel Polz, director