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Making a reservation does not put you, or Museum Tours, under any obligation. Our Terms and Conditions apply only after you make, and we confirm receipt of, your tour deposit.

To make a reservation for one of our Plan 1 - Popular Tour Packages, simply click on the tour you want, below.

Pharaonic Highlights

Pharaonic Journey

Egyptian Odyssey

Egypt Revisited

Egypt's Hidden Treasures

Hieroglyphic Egypt

Sailing the Nile
Six (6) Tour Extensions are available. If your are adding an extension to your Museum Tours' tour (above) you do not need to reserve the extension separately.
The Royal City of Amarna

Historic Alexandria

The Sinai & St. Catherine's

Sharm el Sheik & the Red Sea

Baharia Oasis & the Golden Mummies

Timeless Jordan & the Rose Red City of Petra
Please Note: All prices are subject to change without notice, and there are times during the year when certain hotels and cruise boats may add Holiday Surcharges: Christmas Season (from December 15 until January 7) and Spring Break (generally in April). If this surcharge applies to your trip we will advise you before confirming your reservation.

To make a reservation for one of our Plan 2 or Plan 3 options,
click on the desired option and provide the requested information.
We will email a Worksheet and/or Reservation form to you.