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Thutmose III
Any serious student, Egyptophile, Egyptologist or traveler will want to own one or more of these books. 
They are each priced for maximum accessability.
Hieroglyphic Sign List: Based on the Work of Alan Gardiner, with descriptions of over 800 hieroglyphic signs.
The Names of the Kings of Egypt: The Serekhs and Cartouches of Egypt's Pharaohs, along with Selected Queens, listing over 300 kings and queens of ancient Egypt. 
Hieroglyphic Dictionary: A Middle Egyptian Vocabulary, containing over 400 unique entries with an emphasis on words found in monumental texts.
Egyptian Glyphary: A Sign List Based Hieroglyphic Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, containing about 6,000 total entries and 4000 unique entries, with an emphasis on words found in monumental texts.
Urkunden der 18. Dynastie: Historical and Biographical Texts by Kurt Sethe (in 4 volumes).
Understanding Hieroglyphic Inscriptions: An Introductory Course to the Ancient Egyptian Language.
Click here for detailed information on any of these books.
Egypt in open for business and welcoming visitors. All of our tours are operating as scheduled.
On Grand Odyssey you will experience Egypt travel in Victorian Luxury, while visiting all of the sights that no trip would be complete without. It includes sailing on the NeferuRa. This 15 day, private tour, can be scheduled to depart anytime.

Egyptian Odyssey is our premier, in-depth, two-week Egypt tour. It is our most popular, offering visits to all the major monuments, a number of lesser but equally important sites and a 4-day, 3-night Nile cruise. This 14 day tour can be scheduled for departure any Sunday of the year.
Pharaonic Journey offers an introduction to Egypt and includes a Nile cruise and a trip to Abu Simbel. It is 11 days long and can be scheduled for departure any Tuesday of the year.

Pharaonic Highlights is our lowest price Egypt tour. It is designed especially for families or travelers with limited time or budget. It's a great introduction to Egypt. It is 8 days long and can be scheduled for departure any Sunday of the year.

Egypt Revisited is for the second time traveler to Egypt who wants to see something different. It includes a Lake Nasser cruise. It is 14 days long and can be scheduled for departure any Sunday of the year.

There are Nile cruises and there is Sailing the Nile on our fully restored, antique dahabeyah, NeferuRa. Sailings can be scheduled for any time of the year, with durations of from 3 to 7 days.

Sorry, Hieroglyphic Egypt is not being offered in 2019. There is no better way to learn the ancient Egyptian language than on Museum Tours' Hieroglyphic Egypt. You will have formal instruction sessions as well as translation exercises at various monuments in Cairo and Luxor. Beginning and Intermediate courses are offered. It begins on January 15, 2017. There is also an optional side trip to Aswan and Abu Simbel available, if desired.

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