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Egypt is Amazing
with Museum Tours
Egypt is Amazing
with Museum Tours
At Museum Tours we have just one goal ... to ensure that your trip to Egypt is the best it can possibly be.
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Plan 1 - Popular Tour Packages:
Choose from our seven, popular tour packages.

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Plan 2 - A La Carte Travel:
Customize your travel using our unique templates.
No matter how you choose to travel, we are here to assist you. To get started simply click on a plan. There is no obligation.
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Design a unique experience from the ground up.
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The Museum Tours family is anxious to serve you. Museum Tours Staff Museum Tours Staff
      Bill Petty                Nancy Petty              Khaled Fawaz        Mamdouh Yousif          Enass Salah           Ahmed Hussein
     President                Co-Founder           General Manager      District Manager          Senior Guide             Senior Guide
   Co-Founder                                                                                     & Guide
   West Point &          St. John's Univ.         Ain-Shams Univ.       So. Valley Univ.            Helwan Univ.             Helwan Univ.
      Univ. of Ill.

     Tarek Salah        Hossam El-Gedawy      Radwa Mousa            Atef Ahmed           Ahmed Aboudy           Osama Gamal
    Senior Guide                  Guide                       Guide                         Guide                      Guide                  Tour Manager
     Helwan Univ.            El-Minya Univ.           Helwan Univ.           So. Valley Univ.      So. Valley Univ.     6th of October Univ.
Call Museum Tours at 1-888-932-2230
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